Dealing with Disappointment

Flaky broadband yesterday meant that I wasn’t able to blog. Ironically, an email from BT this morning assured us of ‘the U.K.’s most reliable wireless connection’. The mismatch between aspiration and experience is something we are all familiar with, whether it concerns ourselves or goods and services we rely on.  No doubt Andy Murray is feeling very deflated this morning, but in his case, disappointment will surely lead to a renewal of effort, analysis of where he went wrong/might have done better. He may become an even better player for having lost an important game, but that will be no solace now. He must experience disappointment to the full.

How we deal with disappointment says a lot about us. We give thanks readily enough when things go the way we want, but when they don’t? That is the real test of how far we live in a state of gratitude.


1 thought on “Dealing with Disappointment”

  1. I would hope we give thanks when things go our way. I would like to think that I always thank Godde when things go my way. I certainly cannot remember having done it often when I was younger. When things don’t go my way, then I burrow my face in Her lap until my heart starts beating again, getting ready to face life as it is…

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