The Power of the Crucifix

Crucifix by Giotto
Crucifix by Giotto

The crucifix, with its poignant twisted body and bleeding wounds, is a powerful reminder that suffering and death are part of our lives. When we look on ‘the one they have pierced’ we remember also the love that held him there: ‘See, I have graven you on the palms of my hands.’ Who would not take courage from that?



3 thoughts on “The Power of the Crucifix”

  1. Question: who is the figure on the Cross?
    Answer: God.

    Extraordinary when you think about it.
    This is God who humiliated himself to become a man.
    This is the Son, who as part of the Trinity, is the Creator – Who Created the moon and the stars – the entire universe, including you and i in every conceivable way.
    He becomes a man, shares our humanity – is fully human, except that He is without sin, of course – suspends His divine power and allows Himself to be crucified on a cross (when He had the potential power to strike down his enemies like flies to wanton boys – although “flies to wanton boys” is Zeus the pagan god of power and control not the Christian God of love).
    And He gained nothing for Himself by this. All for man.
    All i can say is: praise You, thank You, forgive us all, protect us from all evil, and bring us please to divine peace and joy now and, ultimately, at the end of it all.

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