SS Peter and Paul 2011

The Catholic Church can claim to be the oldest surviving institution in the western world but it is built upon foundations that look ridiculously flimsy. Neither Peter nor Paul is an obvious candidate for greatness: Peter always putting his foot in it and running away when things got tough; Paul talking the sun down and regularly falling out with his colleagues. Yet we know that each in his own way fulfilled the mission of an apostle and brought to the infant Church a necessary grace. We are here today because generations of Christians have followed in their footsteps, ‘sharing in the prayers and the breaking of bread’. Today we give thanks for their fidelity, just as we give thanks for Benedict XVI’s sixty years of priesthood and faithful service of Christ and his Church.

Last night the pope used an iPad to launch the web site and tweeted his first tweet. Peter might have wondered, but I think Paul would have been quick to follow suit; and what a tweeter and blogger he would have proved! The Tradition handed down by the apostles is alive and active. It flows from the past but takes us somewhere new every moment. It is like the beauty of God himself, ever ancient, ever new. On this feast of Peter and Paul, let us also give thanks for the eternal youthfulness of the Church and for the beauty that we find in her.


5 thoughts on “SS Peter and Paul 2011”

  1. Lovely blog Sr Catherine. Thank you

    As for St Paul: given the convoluted phrasing in some of his letters do’nt you think he might have struggled with the 140 character limit? 140 words was more his forte 🙂

    • What a wonderful example of thinking outside the box – thank you. I’ve grown up and lived with these letters all my life and never once thought about replies. Yes, your comment brings a smile but also for me a new way of engaging with the epistles.

  2. Peter would have been more of a tweeter, I believe.
    But Paul would have made a tremendous blogger. The only thing is, though, would he have incurred the wrath of the web magisterium over and over again……?

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