Darning a Habit

I have just spent the morning darning and patching my habit. Sewing is not something I enjoy or do well, but walking around in black bin bags (the alternative) is scarcely dignified. Thrift isn’t among the virtues as such, but if one truly reveres the world and everything in it, one cannot be prodigal with resources — not even old fabric. There is value even in a few old threads, or so I told myself as I struggled to repair the thoughtlessness of the past, now showing itself as rents and holes. Darned and patched, I will henceforth try to uphold the dignity of the monastic habit . . . and trust the dignity of the monastic habit will uphold me.


2 thoughts on “Darning a Habit”

  1. I too am in the habit of darning, but last week I had to question what I was up to. A bed sheet was, in my mother’s wonderful phrase ‘going home’ and I repaired another three corner tear to extend it’s life. I was happy doing this task.

    Earlier in the day I had rescued from a local skip 3 sets of single bed linen, 2 double sets plus various odd pillowcases etc. These had come straight from the linen cupboard of someone moving house so I put them through the wash and out on the line and earmarked them for the Salvation Army.

    At no point did it occur to me to replace my worn sheet from this treasure trove.

    Thrift is so deeply engrained in my way of life, but it runs on lines that are, although enjoyable, perhaps outdated. Could I have spent my darning time better?

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