The End of the World

Apparently, some people think the end of the world will come this week-end (21 May, to be precise). I cannot say that it would be a great surprise if it did. We have had more than enough of ‘wars and rumours of wars’, earthquakes, fires and tsunamis, deadly plagues and all manner of human wickedness envisioned by the writer of the Apocalypse and every other religious visionary. I daresay some people are running to their bunkers in the hope of surviving a little while, rather hopeless if you think about it. What shall we be doing here at the monastery? What we always do, I suppose. Part of me thinks that if the world should end I’d like to be kneeling in prayer, giving glory to God; but if I’m meant to be cleaning out the recycling bins or casting up figures for accounts that will never be audited, that’s what I’ll do. It is where I’ll be looked for, after all.


5 thoughts on “The End of the World”

  1. Well, the signs do seem to imply the end of days is upon us. When I was young and carefree, and religion being far from my mind, death was scary.
    But the deeper into my faith I went into, the less I now fear. I’d like to think I will be going to meet my maker, and what could be better than that? To be in the presence of God (God willing, of course!) would be, well, just heavenly.

  2. I was surprised to hear of this new date. Before this, I had heard it would be on 21 December, 2011…
    Frankly, I very much like your approach. I would not want death to find me in front of my television. In the garden, in the kitchen, yes, but half aware in front of the TV…
    I have always thought as well that I would like to die with all those I love around me. If it is this weekend, that won’t be the case 🙂

  3. I am one who does not believe in this date any more than I believed in all the other end of world dates that came and went without changing a thing. Nowadays everyone seems to have their own date – the Mayan calendar says 2012 is the end but “the rapure” predictors say this weekend. Catholicism doesn’t believe in the rapture! Jesus said that only the Father knows the date, so I trust what He said. And when it does come, I don’t care what I am doing, as long as it is pleasing to God. After all, going to Jesus is all that really matters!

  4. Apocalyptic visions of big endings have always been seductively attractive for us humans – perhaps they feed into our grandiosity and sense of ego.
    That line from T.S.Eliot ( The Hollow Men)
    “The world will end not with a bang but a whimper” may be just as likely.
    I think of all those who do lose their lives through natural disasters too – their own ending came suddenly, for all the victims of senseless crime( the lady who was beheaded comes to mind ) and all war victims.
    But also the silent victims whose lives are snuffed out through deprivation.
    In my darker moments I sometimes wish this world would end and we could start all over again !

  5. Phil – I don’t want this world to end until all have come to Christ who are going to. Humans have always been flawed – God lets the wheat and the darnel grow side by side until He is ready to judge. As long as there anyone who would still benefit from hearing the gospel, it’s is good that God is so merciful as to delay the end!

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