The Forgotten Apostle

St Matthias doesn’t make the headlines very often. Ask the average churchgoer and eyes will tend to glaze, ‘Um, er, didn’t he replace Judas or something?’ Indeed he did. Matthias’s election shows us the early Church in action, acknowledging the importance of the Twelve and claiming both the right and the duty of continuing the succession. Matthias’s fidelity, his having been with the disciples from the beginning, his obscurity and his humility, are tremendously appealing. I made profession of vows on his feast and have always found him, and the gospel of the day, John 15, inspiring. On the eve of Good Shepherd Sunday, he is a good saint to ask for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life.


3 thoughts on “The Forgotten Apostle”

  1. I must say I do feel drawn to Matthias’s obscurity and humility. I don’t think I would have said this five years ago, or even more recently. But I can see the beauty of Matthias as you describe him. Thank you.

  2. I concur with all you, of course. One cant help wondering , how history may have evolved if the new Judas had been one of the Mary’s?

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