Emmaus Moments

We read the Emmaus gospel twice during Eastertide, once during the Octave and again today, the third Sunday of Easter, but life is full of Emmaus moments: times when the veil is lifted and we see, as if for the first time, something that has been there all along but of which we had previously been unaware. These mini-revelations can become epiphanies, revelations of God himself.

Yesterday I went into the greenhouse to check on my seedlings and looked up to see the raindrops falling from the roof — beautiful iridescent drops of water, falling as thickly as those Julian of Norwich saw falling from the eaves of her house so many centuries ago. She likened them, if you remember, to herring scale, but what she was referring to were the drops of blood that fell from Christ’s head as he hung on the Cross. If you look, even here, on a rainy day in a quiet English village, you can can ‘see his blood upon the rose/and in the stars the glory of his eyes’. Emmaus moments are many.


4 thoughts on “Emmaus Moments”

  1. Just to say I love Mother Julian, her devotional writings are a real inspiration …
    I love what you say about Emmaus moments, one of the things impressed upon me this Lent was to recognise the Divine presence around me in daily life


  2. A lovely post today. Since going to confession at Easter and letting go of pet peeves that were annoying me, I’ve had a number of Emmaus moments. All of them unexpected but totally joyful.

  3. Perhaps it’s an Emmaus moment of sorts that I find myself returning to your blog even as my promise to read it throughout Lent has now been fulfilled…

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