Beatification, Blogging and JP II

John Paul II uses the internet to publish
John Paul II uses the Internet to Publish, November 2001

On 22 November 2001, Pope John Paul II became the first pope in history to publish an official document via the internet (allegedly using the laptop pictured here). Today, on the Octave Day of Easter, he is being beatified, not because he was flawless but because he was demonstrably holy. Beatification is recognition of having lived a life of heroic virtue. For some it may seem too much, too soon; but goodness is a quality most of us find attractive, however much we may dislike the tackiness that surrounds some aspects of the process of beatification (vials of blood kept as relics, anyone?). I have no difficulty asking the prayers of Pope John Paul II and I pray that he may encourage many to aspire to holiness of life.

By the time you read this, Digitalnun will be on her way to Rome, not for the beatification (she arrives too late for that) but for the Bloggers’ Conference hosted by the Vatican — another internet ‘first’, but perhaps a rather overdue one. Please pray for all who are attending. If there is to be real dialogue, we shall need the gift of the Holy Spirit in abundance: to listen, to ponder, to argue with wisdom and respect, and all within a little space.


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  1. I’ve just come from listening to a interview on a national television news channel reporting on and explaining this holy event and was disheartened by the negativity and disparaging remarks. For example, Pope Benedict XVI was said to have rushed the beatification of Pope John Paul II in order to do an end-run around Vatican II as a way of halting progress in the Church. Progress in the Church was defined as married priests, women priests and such. Doubt cast on the miracle of the nun healed by intercession was part of the ‘spin’. The example of the vial of blood was used to define how medieval and regressive Pope Benedict’s leadership is. We are familiar with this point of view. That it was the ‘one’ selected by this secular news channel to report on the beatification of Pope John Paul II, without a counterbalancing one, is disturbing and rather frustrating. The secular press seems afraid of saying anything good about religion.

    I am grateful to read here of beatification as ‘recognition of a life of heroic virtue’ and of the ‘goodness’ of the man being so recognized in Rome today.

    I pray the Holy Spirit descend upon all attendees of the Blogfest and open and guide heart and mind.

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