A Royal Wedding

Later today Prince William and Catherine Middleton will marry at Westminster Abbey. Judging by the amount of media attention this event has already attracted, one can confidently predict that there will be no shortage of instant experts to comment on everything, from the bride’s dress to the security arrangements. Mention of security arrangements does highlight the fact that this is not an ‘ordinary’ marriage but one that will be lived out in the glare of publicity. Very few of us could survive such scrutiny and, sadly, the British royal family’s marital history is not encouraging: there have been many breakdowns, with attendant sadnesses for everyone concerned. All the more reason, then, for us to pray for William and Catherine on their wedding day.

In 1366 another Catherine, a Dominican Tertiary, experienced a ‘mystical marriage’ with Jesus which transformed her life. She began to serve the poor and take an interest in world affairs, becoming in time a fierce critic of clerical mores. She was an adviser of both Pope Gregory XI and Urban VI and died at the early age of 33. Her Letters and her Dialogues are both remarkable, although not to everyone’s taste. A Doctor of the Church, she is a type of the mulier fortis. Love her or loathe her, Catherine of Siena is not easily ignored. Were she alive today, I feel sure she’d be a blogger. Perhaps we women bloggers should take her as our patron?

Media Links
The video of the talks at the recent Faith 2.0: Religion and the Internet Conference has now been uploaded to YouTube.

Opening Address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytixq3-voh0&feature=relmfu
First Panel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPETf37g9_w&feature=relmfu
Second Panel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im1HZXoofZ8&feature=relmfu
Keynote (Digitalnun): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYI2isQaqUs&feature=relmfu Faith 2.0 video
Third Panel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_3a2hf3y0s&feature=related

And for a gentle interview between Fr Rocky and Digitalnun on Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show yesterday, go here. (Starts about 2.49 and last approx 15 minutes)


8 thoughts on “A Royal Wedding”

  1. Being a rabid republican, I confess to having been consistently snarky about ‘the wedding’. So I really surprised myself when I woke up this morning to find it raining in my part of the world (only a few miles from London) and felt a pang of anxiety for the bride! I wish them joy.
    And I like something Macrina Wiederkehr said on Facebook yesterday:
    Why don’t we all have a royal wedding! Let’s bond ourselves to someone, faithfully and deeply, or perhaps to some royal cause. What will you marry today, or tomorrow?
    Love the idea of a blogging patron.

  2. The idea of Catherine of Siena as the patron saint of loggers is excellent idea 🙂 Better get it implemented immediately or you could end up with someone weird like Faustina instead!

  3. Isn’t today St Catherine’s Feast day? Certainly today is the anniversary of her death.
    I agree that she would have been a blogger and a tweeter today. She always had an opinion on what was happening around her, as her Letters prove!

    “All the way to heaven, is heaven.”(St Catherine)

  4. Must say we watched & I found it very moving & joyful!
    Just love those princes!

    St. Catherine got a mention in the address (Bishop of London?)

  5. Catherine of Sienna as patron saint of bloggers is a great idea. Richard Chartres made good use of quoting from her at the start of his excellent sermon at the royal wedding. That and this blog post has inspired me to research her more thoroughly. Thank you.

  6. I believe that Catherine of Sienna was one of the most practical Christian Mystics of all time. Her spirituality mixed with a social conscience seems to have struck the right balance for her time – as well as ours. Yes may all my fellow spiritual bloggers take her as their own!

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