Emmaus Every Day

The Emmaus story (Luke 24. 13-35) is much loved by Christians. Most of us long to have the scriptures opened to us by Jesus himself and one often hears people commenting along the lines of ‘If only . . . .’ The trouble with that particular ‘if only’ is that it is nonsense. The scriptures are ALWAYS opened to us by Jesus. Whether it be through prayerful reading by ourselves, with the grace of the Holy Spirit to assist us, or through the teaching of those entrusted with authority to do so, we can only make sense of the scriptures because Jesus reveals himself in and through them. He is present, not absent. We seem to find that very difficult to take on board. ‘What would Jesus do?’ we ask, forgetting that the real question is, ‘What is Jesus doing; what does he want to do through you/me/us/them?

I think today’s gospel is particularly encouraging for those of us who might be labelled ‘professionals’ in the religious sphere. We go around with our eyes half-closed sometimes, not expecting to be surprised. We miss the glory that is spread before us. Perhaps today we could open our eyes to the divine light a little more fully, a little more expectantly. The Risen Christ is here and now and walks with us every day.


8 thoughts on “Emmaus Every Day”

  1. A very helpful post today Sister. It gave me much food for thought.

    I always wondered why Jesus would not have been recogised on the road to Emmaus and elsewhere in Scripture where he was mistaken for the gardener. Had his physical appearance altered radically after the Resurrection?

    I hope that Duncan is better and that he enjoyed his treats.

    • We all know how great suffering or great joy can make someone ‘unrecogisable’ to us; perhaps there was something of that after the Resurrection. Duncan is enjoying his treats very much, thank you. I would have said but you sent them anonymously (which was nice of you).

  2. Thank you for these encouraging thoughts and the reminder that Jesus is always present as our teacher as surely as he was to those two disciples. I love the idea that we should wake up to ‘ the glory that is spread before us’.

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