Palm Sunday 2011

Palm Sunday: Jesus enters JerusalemOur procession takes us to the dusty streets of Jerusalem two thousand years ago and the fickleness of popular acclaim. Even here, in the midst of a lovely English spring, there is a hint of menace. We know that all is not right, that those who are now shouting ‘hosanna’ will very soon be shouting ‘crucify him, crucify him’. The Passion narrative is one we must enter into, not merely hear with our ears. For each of us it will be different; for each of us it will be new. Do not be surprised if this week you are tired or a little less calm than usual. Holy Week makes demands on the believer at every level. We cannot truly celebrate the Resurrection if we have not accompanied the Lord Jesus along every step of the way beforehand. May God bless your Holy Week and make it fruitful. Pray for us, as we pray for you.


10 thoughts on “Palm Sunday 2011”

  1. This is the first time I have observed Lent and I have felt the companionship of Christ throughout … as we enter into Holy Week, I know the journey will get harder but I wouldn’t be anywhere else at the moment

    blessings & prayers x

  2. I should know this, but who is the artist?

    Think of us in Norfolk as we go from village to village. Our donkey, who relishes this annual procession is now in his 30s.

  3. My prayer is to accompany Jesus all along this week, ignore the fatigue and the sadness, but be brave at last for Him.
    Thank you for the inspiration and the encouragement.

  4. It was a treat to meet you briefly this morning and I will also gladly pray for you.

    Some of my friends will be investigating the blog now too!

  5. Yes, let us pray for one another.

    Today’s post is most helpful in understanding how to approach this Holy Week. Deepest gratitude.

  6. Thank you, especially for your prayers. Perhaps I should mention that the community always prays for everyone with whom we come into contact or who come into contact with us through our web sites or other means.

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