Dumb Animals

I have spent much of the night sitting up with a sick dog. (Before you besiege the monastery, let me assure you the vet is on the case and the appropriate remedy will be applied.) Unlike sitting up with a sick person, sitting up with a sick animal means responding to signs rather than words. Of course, we anthropomorphize and misread many of the signs our domestic wolf is really sending us. The shaggy head, the liquid brown eyes, seem redolent of deepest misery, but who is to say? I have not reached morning with any great insights to share with the world. There have been no midnight revelations about the condition humaine, no sudden illuminations. The reality is, and remains: one sick dog, one tired nun. Sometimes life is like that.


8 thoughts on “Dumb Animals”

  1. Poor Duncan. I hope he makes a full recovery soon. Sometimes, in the midst of a very bad day, it just takes one friendly wag of the tail, or a quizzical look from one’s pet that changes the whole day from bad to funny.

  2. Poor Duncan! That is just terrible. I will keep him in my prayers today. And it is awful when we do not get enough sleep – it can really make us feel ill.

    Can you tell me why my posts from yesterday have a red cross against them. I hope that I have not commented inappropriately.

    • I can’t see any red cross against your posts, Deborah. You have an automatically assigned “graphic identifier” against your name, but that is amber-coloured. We don’t usually delete comments β€” only if they are uncharitable or libellous.

  3. Can I send Duncan a little treat? What does he like? Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep today – although I am not sure if that is allowed.

    The crosses have disappeared now. But the time before last when I looked, there was a little box at the tup left-hand corner of the posts with a red cross in the middle. No matter.

  4. My heart goes out to both you and and (I gather his name is) Duncan. I hope that he feels better soon — can you tell us what ails the poor beast? It was very good of you to stay up with him, and I can well imagine how exhausted you must feel. I hope it is possible to feel easier hearted about him at some point today and grab a few hours of rest — I also hope you don’t have any major depleting, energy-sucking duties upon you today. Rest, peace and recovery to both of you.

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