Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is for many so identified with pancakes that it is known as Pancake Day pure and simple. Personally, I don’t mind that. The level of dissipation in the monastery is rather like Wordsworth’s, miserably low, but we shall have a festive meal (with pancakes) before we turn our thoughts to the main business of the day: confession. I often think that confession is the cindarella sacrament, frequently ignored or undervalued, but essential at so many levels. It needs prayerful preparation and a determination to be honest with oneself, which isn’t easy.

Another task for today is consideration of the Lent Bill. This monastic practice could be more widely known. We each of us consider how as individuals, not as a community, we can offer God “something above the usual measure of our service” in the matter of prayer, fasting and almsgiving (we already have a community take on these). However, no one decides for herself: all is subject to the judgement of another, either the superior, or in her case, that of another nun, the point being that there can be great pride and seeking of vainglory even in the most “religious” practice. We are also given the task of reading through one book of the Bible with special attention during Lent. Again, the choice is made for us by another. This is in addition to our normal lectio divina. I am praying devoutly that the choice for me won’t be Leviticus again. I find it fascinating, but there is only so much Leviticus one can take at one time.

There won’t be a blog post tomorrow; so, prospere procede. May you have a blessed Lent.


5 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday”

  1. Leviticus! You won’t have to go to Purgatory at all!

    Seriously, thank you for all your helpful posts. I am going to add you to my blog roll. I went to your website and read about you and will offer prayers for you during Lent.

  2. Just to say this will be the first Lent I have properly observed since the development of my faith.

    I will be studying/journaling daily and am excited about the Ashing this evening …

    A blessed Lent to you both x

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth. I really ought to get round to making a Blogroll (you’ll be on it) but it’s one of those things that seem to be always on the “to do” list, never the “done”. And Allie, your joy in Lent is very infectious!

  4. I am reading your Lenten blog entries offered to me by a beloved friend as proper Lenten practice. Today (on the Ides of March) I start with Shrove Tuesday, and will try to catch uo in real time, so to speak, as the days unfold.

    About the above entry: I love your comparison of confession as the Cinderella of the sacraments.

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