First Anniversary Requiem Mass

D. Teresa Rodrigues

The Requiem Mass for the First Anniversary of Death of D. Teresa Rodrigues will be celebrated at 12 noon on Tuesday, 1 February. Please pray for the repose of her soul and the comforting of her family and friends.


7 thoughts on “First Anniversary Requiem Mass”

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  2. Thank you for the lovely image of Dame Teresa and for telling us about the Mass. Dame Teresa had a positive and personal impact on my life even though I only knew her via your web site and podcasts. I shall be honored to join with others to remember her in thought and prayer tomorrow.

  3. She will be in my prayers. Furthermore, the bishop has indicated that (Deo volente) he shall ordain me priest on 1st May. My third Mass will be a requiem and I shall say it for the intention of my dear biological sister (RIP) and my dear sister in Christ D. Theresa.

    I shall always remember her lamenting the Church’s teaching on women as ‘half-men’ with a glint in her eye!

    May she be numbered amongst the saints in heaven.

    Fr Chris

  4. One year ago today I had a deep foreboding and in a state of anxiety I tracked down D.Catherine, the reply (mild and quiet) was that D.Teresa had just died.A terrible sadness swept over me.
    After a quiet reflection on what she said to me over the death of another close friend, I felt calm.
    D.TeresaRIP on the death of Hazel Singer said “now she knows” and beamed a beautiful smile.

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