Blue Monday

This is Blue Monday, the worst day of the year, or so Quietnun informed me straight after Lauds. (She has been reading too much social anthropology recently.) Why should the mere fact of New Year resolutions crumbling to dust, credit card bills plopping through the post box  and the darkness outside seeming never to end have any effect on people’s mood? And why should feeling a bit low be construed as moral failure? Is it all some vast conspiracy to make us feel worse than we do? Aren’t we allowed to be miserable any more?

Personally, I find quite trying the relentless joyfulness of those who wish to assure us that “Jesus loves you” while we’re attempting to deal with some catastrophe or other. It’s true, I agree, but maybe I don’t need to be reminded while I’m struggling to clear the drains or heading towards the bathroom with some malady or other. Anyway, what’s wrong with being tired and tetchy on occasion? Blue Monday is as good an excuse as any to be a little grumpy — just don’t make anyone else as miserable as you are yourself.


3 thoughts on “Blue Monday”

  1. That is a fantastic piece! Since Friday I’ve been suffering with a really heavy cold which zapped a bit of my joy but what made me laugh was Mass yesterday all the chant went over the top with praise and joy and the sermon was equally joyous and challenging too and there was me think i want the joy and it was running round my head yet i had no energy to show it so I am glad a bit of grumpiness is allowed now and again.


  2. For a personal take on the topic, and written a little tongue-in-cheek, I have been trying to translate my grumpiness of late into an occasion for spiritual practice, which is probable a good thing to attempt, but I feel grumpy with the demands of this project as well. At the very least I have managed to keep from cursing aloud, well twice only, and have had ample opportunity to examine how ungenerous and unforgiving I can feel and think, when push comes to shove. I did succeed in not acting out. Thank God. There are times when it is easier to do well, to be more virtuous, and I can’t seem to help seeing myself as such a ‘good’ person at these times. The gift of these shadow days is I get to see myself more honestly. Not a bad thing, really.
    It is good to see all aspects of oneself , to debunk the unrealistic notion of how ‘good’ I am. A little humility, and humour…

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