Bible or Mozart?

Yesterday Digitalnun was having some free time to mark the last day of the “Christmas holidays” and decided to listen to the radio while tidying her desk. Alas, the BBC offered two equally delectable choices: King James or Mozart. (Overseas readers may be mystified: the BBC has been playing “every note Mozart ever wrote” on Radio 3, while over on Radio 4 there was a celebration of the King James version of the Bible, with copious readings by gorgeous voices.) It was a struggle but Mozart won. Digitalnun has some way to go, I fear.


3 thoughts on “Bible or Mozart?”

  1. My recreation was to see “The King’s Speech’; a superbly acted, well-crafted and thoughtful film. It was made by the recently ‘axed’ British Film Council.
    This reminds me of the excellence of our publicly funded cultural services. At this time when the withdrawal of funds to galleries, museums, theatres as well as the BBC are forcing closures and the laying off of staff, perhaps it is appropriate for us to bring our concern for the arts and all those facing loss into our prayers.

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