Hungry for God

Quietnun in Digitalnun's Nest
Quietnun in Digitalnun's Nest

It isn’t often that Digitalnun manages to get a nice photograph of Quietnun (she usually pulls faces, ducks her head or discovers something important to do elsewhere) but the element of surprise was in my favour when I found her at my desk the other day.

It’s more than just a nice photo, however.  It’s a good image of both how and why we engage with the internet. People are sometimes surprised to discover that we do not spend all day online but fit in our blogging and tweeting here and there, as we have a moment or two free. That’s why we can “disappear” for whole weeks at a time: there are other things claiming our attention.

The really important question is why we engage with the internet at all. It is, for us, an important aspect of traditional Benedictine hospitality: welcoming others to the monastery. People come to the monastery for all kinds of reasons but usually, either implicitly or explicitly, in search of God (although they might not be ready to name what they seek as God). The only thing we have to offer is our own (limited) experience of God,  and what we have imbibed from our years of study, praying the liturgy and living in community. It is not much, but it is something; and as regular readers will have noticed, we try not to be too pedagogic or learned in our approach (although a certain amount of learning has gone into what we do) but “accessible”.

Our blog does not necessarily appeal to those who make use of our web site or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, but we are always keen to know if there is anything we are not doing which we could do and which you would find useful. Bear in mind, please, that we are few in numbers and do not have deep pockets – just “an infinite desire”, as St Catherine of Siena once said.


9 thoughts on “Hungry for God”

  1. I think the new website is just as it should be and show both you in a very good light and it very informative to those who are seeking and it shows a lot of creativity on your part and it keeps Catholicism modern if you see what I mean and any way your are doing what the Pope has asked using new media in the sharing of faith!

    I think the best photos of people come when there is an element of surprise. It a great picture it shows how you are using the talent that have been God given!

    Bless you in you future endeavors

  2. That Catherine of Siena line is one of my greatest loves…it transforms the failures of parish life in a way that is quite miraculous.
    And thank you for extending your Benedictine hospitality via the internet – it is so much appreciated.

  3. You’re doing an excellent job. For those of us “hungry for God” but struggling along the path with all the distractions of life in the world, you are an oasis of hope, help and encouragement.

  4. A panel of ‘experts’ discussing topics from RB, God, prayer, etc., could be illuminating for those who are not expert and desire to learn, and are more to suited to listening and learning at this point in their formation. (It is myself that I refer to here.)

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