Epiphany 2011

The Three Magi
The Three Magi

Readers of Colophon may remember that we used this image of the Magi for our post about Epiphany last year. The Autun sculptor has captured beautifully both the mystery and the humanity of these three seekers after truth. I particularly love the tender way the angel is wakening one by touching his little finger as the other two lie fast asleep. One can imagine him whispering, “Get up, this is the way!”

Often we resolve problems or come to a deeper appreciation of things by not explicitly attending to them. Sleeping on the problem, going for a walk, playing something on the piano or weeding a flower-bed: all are tried and trusted methods of allowing our minds to break free of the constraints we put upon them when we are trying to work something out.

For the Christian there is another and more effective way of breaking free of these constraints, and that is prayer. Not prayer as instant solution or easy way out, but prayer as quiet, persevering seeking after God. The Magi loved truth and undertook an enormous journey in pursuit of it. They found what they sought where they must least have expected to find it: in a small child born in an obscure part of a Roman province. We often seek truth in odd places and can be disconcerted to discover that it lies much nearer home. May Epiphany reveal to you the wonder of him who is Light from Light, our journey’s goal, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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3 thoughts on “Epiphany 2011”

  1. I also like the pointing finger to the star it shows to me that in 2011 the only way is to follow GOd and trust him fully and get of over my silly worrying and FEAR hahaha (OK EASIER SAID THEN DONE!)

  2. Wonderful reflection. Thank you. Maybe God is speaking to us when we are doing those things you mention and not only when we are engaged in what is traditionally classified as “Prayer.”

    The story of the Magi is one of my favorites because of all the mystery involved. Who were they… really? How does God speak to pagans?

    Such reverence from such a far away land… Yet Israel’s own king wanted only to kill the child. So many paradoxes!

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