Et Incarnatum Est

Eric Gil: "And" THE WORD was made flesh, Et Incarnatum Est. What an immensity is contained within that  phrase! We kneel before the Mystery when we proclaim it in the Creed. We sing it over and over again, this Love of God made visible in a tiny human frame; this Strength of God Almighty in the fragility of a new-born child. Can the God whom we adore be a God far off? Surely not. He is forever Emmanuel, God-with-us. So, as St Basil says, let us dance with the angels and sing.



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  1. Blessings and happiness on the Monastery of Holy Trinity.
    Walking the streets in Assisi last night I was struck by the peace and quiet, the smells of wood burning and faint aroma of coffee.The long walk from Sta.Chiara to Basilica St. Francesco seemed an eternity in the rain.
    The Glory of light and chant that greeted us was a marvel. The Basilica was full of Friars , Nuns and the laity interestingly and unusually for Italy the silence persisted even through the liturgy and choir.
    It was the inner silence that had remained unaffected and filled with the wonder of Christmas.
    love and prayers.

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