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Retrospect: 2004 – 2016

by Digitalnun on September 6, 2016

Anniversaries always invite reflection, but memory plays artful tricks, sometimes allowing us to appreciate the good things better but also, sometimes, allowing the bad more scope than they should have. When, on 6 September 2004, Bishop Crispian Hollis signed the (…)

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Our Advent Newsletter

by Digitalnun on November 29, 2014

Our Advent 2014 newsletter is embedded below. You can also read it via a direct link here. We remain in silence until after Lauds on Monday.

St Etheldreda and All Holy English Nuns

by Digitalnun on June 23, 2013

Were today not Sunday, we’d be celebrating the feast of St Etheldreda (Audrey) and All Holy English Nuns. You can read about Etheldreda and several others in Bede if you don’t know anything of them. This morning, however, I am (…)

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Announcement: Updating our Websites

by Digitalnun on January 31, 2013

Since we moved to Hereford, I have been asked several times when our new websites are going to be available. There are five in all relating to the monastery which need to be updated, and it really is a question (…)

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In Praise of Books

by Digitalnun on October 3, 2012

After the oratory or place set aside for prayer and worship, the library is probably the most important part of any Benedictine monastery. Ours began with just a handful of books but has grown over the years, so that it (…)

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Another Howton Grove Priory Update

by Digitalnun on August 23, 2012

We shall soon have been here three months. Visitors remark how much we’ve done in that time, but for us the days pass in something of a blur. We moved during the height of the grass-growing season so have been (…)

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Moving from Hendred to Howton Grove

by Digitalnun on June 30, 2012

We have now been here a month; and in all that time, I think there have been only two days when it hasn’t rained, so no photos yet (the rainless spells were used to mow the lawn and do some (…)

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Explorations at Howton Grove

by Digitalnun on June 9, 2012

Accompanied Bro Duncan on a long walk this morning. We set out under Constable skies, along the edge of fields green with wheat, over pasture studded with ancient oaks, the sun just breaking on the Brecons. The wind whipped and (…)

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The Promise is Fulfilled

by Digitalnun on May 27, 2012

‘The promise is fulfilled: all is made new.’ With those words we greet the Solemnity of Pentecost, birthday of the Church and the greatest feast of the Church year. Probably a few readers are thinking to themselves, ‘Surely Easter is (…)

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